Operation Christmas Child Packing Party, Sunday, November 16th. following worship

Operation Christmas

Operation Christmas Child Packing Party

Sunday, November 16th. following worship

 A small shoebox can teach a child about the love of God, lead him or her to faith in Christ, inspire pastors, and plant new churches.  What goes in a box is fun, what comes out is eternal.  Be part of changing lives through the power of a simple gift.

 If you plan on sponsoring a child items that you will need for the shoeboxes are:

Toys – Items that the children will embrace – doll, toy cars, stuffed animals, balls, kazoos, harmonicas, yo-yos, jump ropes, toys that light up and make noise, (include extra batteries)

 School Supplies – pens, pencils, notebooks, paper, solar calculators, coloring and pictures books, etc.

Hygiene Items – Non Liquid – toothbrush, bar of soap, combs, washcloths, etc.

 Accessories – T-shirts, socks, hats, sunglasses, hair clips, jewelry, watches, flashlights, (include extra batteries)

A Personal Note to the child, include your name and address so that the child may write to you.

**Do not include food, liquids, glass items, toy guns, damaged items, medicine, lotions, vitamins and out of date items.**