Pastor’s Post – September 2016

From the Pastor

Looking forward to a year of blessings and inspiration on the South Shore:

Our start-up Sundays are right around the corner:  September 11 at Massapequa and the 18th at Levittown.  Now is a good time to think about someone (or some two) that you could call to invite to join you in church on these Sabbaths.  Maybe it is a member of the congregation you haven’t seen in a while, or a friend from work or the neighborhood that might enjoy experiencing our worship.  Perhaps there is a child who would like to visit our Sunday School.  On the 11th, stick around for the Gathering at 11:30 when Nancy Gallagher will be sharing a personal testimony about God acting in her life.

Last Sunday at the first Gathering of the New Year, Janice Kincaid led us in a reflection on what it means to be “living stones” as described in the second chapter of I Peter.  Christ is the cornerstone as well as the architect, and we have a role to play as the stones that he shapes and assembles to build his church of compassion and forgiveness in a needy world.  In my sermon earlier that morning, we reflected on another passage in which our Lord is depicted as a master artisan.  I am referring to Jeremiah 18 in which the prophet visits the potter’s house and sees the craftsman shaping a pot on the wheel just as God shapes his church to create a thing of usefulness and beauty.  So, we are the Lord’s building stones, and his potter’s clay, the materials from which he shapes the future.

In the next two months, you and all other church members will have an opportunity to help shape our new church that will emerge from our study and conversations over the next year—two great stories of faith and witness will be brought together to form one mighty river of commitment.  The planning committee needs to hear from you and will continue to ask for your input in coming weeks.  Look for the short survey that will be available at church the next several Sundays. When you fill it out, please take a few minutes to give some thought to your answers.  Later in the fall you can be sure there will be more questions, and everyone will be asked to review the planning document that will be available for reading and review within the next two to three months.


-Pastor Lou