The “Special Club” will meet on Tuesday, October 10th. at 7pm. hosted at the Presbyterian Community Church of Massapequa.

(Massapequa, NY) — In an almost club-like environment, parents of local “special needs children and teenagers” are coming together, in an informal way, to share stories and offer support.

“Parents have ‘special needs,’ too,” says Stacie Armstrong, organizer of the group. “We all share a common bond, have common challenges and need to recognize that we’re not alone with facing the challenges to provide a satisfying life for our children without losing ourselves.”

According to a recent government estimate, some 19 percent of children in the U.S. fall into the ‘special needs’ category, with 35 percent of all children having some type of learning or intellectual disability.

The first meeting will be October 10th from 7pm – 8pm, and will continue, on the second Tuesday of every month thereafter. “The Gathering,” which is the Outreach Program of The Presbyterian Community Church of Massapequa is serving as host, at 150 Pittsburgh Ave. in Massapequa in the Church Fellowship Hall. A social worker will act as the facilitator and church members will watch and entertain the children.

“It’s an outreach to special needs families to provide a welcoming environment within the community” says Armstrong. “We’re looking forward to seeing the group expand and, eventually, divide into other groups devoted to various age ranges, as each experience different struggles as children grow older.”

“Raising a child with special needs is a full-time job in itself,” says Armstrong” And for a single, working parent, it can, at times, be overwhelming, so it’s good to know there’s support and assistance available to help out. Plus, it’s a night out.”

Reservations are required so we can allocate our resources accordingly.

For further information on this “Special Club” call Joan Tischner. There is no cost to join, but donations will be accepted to defray the cost of coffee and pastry.