Poinsettia Order forms

Dear Members & Friends,

Christmas Poinsettia’s are now available for order. Please complete the order from and return to Sharon Slade.

Order form for Christmas Poinsettias

We have made arrangements with a local florist to order the annual Christmas poinsettias.

Each plant will be $10.00 for you to decorate your table and /or give to someone else.

Please fill out the order blank below and return to the church office in either Levittown or Massapequa.  Please fill out checks to the Presbyterian Community Church of Massapequa. 

In the Memo Section Levittown members please write LEVITTOWN.

The order time is limited and all plant orders must be in by December 15th.

Below please fill in a greeting or remembrance and indicate if you will be taking the plants home after the Christmas Eve service, or donating it to one of our members not able to attend.

The order forms can also be found on the narthex table at either Levittown or Massapequa.

If you have any questions call Sharon Slade @) 249-8567 or the Levittown or Massapequa church office.  Levittown 731-3808 – Massapequa 799-7989.

Name of person ordering:____________________________________________________________________

Message Dedicated to:______________________________________________________

Taking plant home after 7:30pm service on 12/24/19 at Levittown yes / no  

    Taking plant home after 11pm service on 12/24/19 at Massapequa      yes / no      

          Thank you for your flower order!  Enjoy the beautiful Poinsettias.