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Pastor’s Post for December

Pastor’s Post:

Here we are, once again at the beginning of the liturgical year. I suppose it was the rhythm of the agricultural world in the northern hemisphere, the world that most of our ancestors inhabited until the last one or two centuries, that dictated that the drama of salvation would be played out in our worship during the winter months. For it is between now and Easter in the spring, that the lectionary takes us through the scriptures of Jesus’ birth, life, death and resurrection. In the old days, people had more time during the winter for the special holidays and feasts associated with the readings, while the earth slept and there was no sowing, growing and reaping.

It has become something of a tradition for pastors to sermonize against the materialism of modern Christmas. We all must admit that things have certainly gotten way out of hand in terms of the “getting and spending” that characterizes our Decembers. Our domestic economy is more or less built around the business that this special holiday generates. Long ago, Christmas became “secularized” so that millions of people who don’t worship or respect Christ celebrate it for all kinds of reasons. The beloved story, “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens was, in fact, a powerful statement of how Christmas can be viewed as a moment in which the innate charitable impulse that lies within most humans is brought to the fore and celebrated, all with no reference to Christ himself, or even God.

Maybe a way we can salvage the original meaning of Christmas this year is to start Advent with a reflection on the other man who is featured in this Scriptural story, that being John the Baptist. Now, we know far less about John than we do about Jesus, but what we are told suggests that he was about as anti-materialist as you can get.

He was the son of a priest, and early in his life he took to an ascetic existence, residing for extended periods in the wilderness, learning to live like an ancient “hunter-gatherer,” a way of life that had more or less disappeared long before the time of Christ. So far as we can tell, his ministry was similar to that of a Baptist country preacher in the U.S. a century or so ago. He preached fire and brimstone, he called people to repent, and he baptized. The Bible does not attribute miracles to John—he wasn’t a healer so much as a disturber. You could say that he prepared the way for Christ by disturbing the complacency of the people, opening them to the possibility of a new way of understanding their relationship to God and to each other. That new relationship would be based on forgiveness and love, and we continue to celebrate it with the generosity of Christmas.

Maybe our time needs a new generation of disturbers, so that we might better appreciate the love in which God holds us in spite of our sinfulness. Old complacencies need to be challenged before the amazing news of God’s grace can be fully appreciated. “We should think of Advent as a time to disturb as well as to celebrate.”


Pastor Lou

Supper at Six, November 19th. 6pm


November 19th from 6-8:30PM in the fellowship hall of the Massapequa church.

Members, friends and family of our merging congregations are invited to attend, Children are always welcome. We will be playing Bingo after dinner. Each attendee is asked to bring a $1 scratch off card to be used as a prize for the3 Bingo winners. Please bring a covered dish of your choice. Sharon Slade and her friends Keith and Jean will provide the setup, beverages and desserts for this dinner. Please RSVP to Sharon at     516-249-8567.

Advent Worship Schedule

advent candle

Advent Worship Schedule – Sunday Morning Worship Services at 10am

December 3, Celebrate the First Sunday of Advent, December 3rd – hosted at the First Presbyterian Church of Levittown.

December 10, The Second Sunday of Advent – Communion & the Giving Tree hosted at the Presbyterian Community Church of Massapequa.

December 17, The Third Sunday of Advent – Cantata hosted at the First Presbyterian Church of Levittown.

December 24, The Fourth of Advent we will put the Crismons on the Christmas Tree at the Presbyterian Community Church of Massapequa at the 10am worship service.

Christmas Dinner Party – Friday, December 1st.


christmas-party-free-clipart-1             Christmas Dinner Party for Massapequa & Levittown Members at Sergio’s Restaurant Friday, December 1st. 6:00p.m.

Come celebrate Christmas! Dinner will include unlimited soda and wine. The cost is $23.50. Checks should be made out to The Presbyterian Community Church / Sharon Slade is collecting the checks. Payment deadline is November 26, 2017.

Call for Congregational Meeting, October 22, 20147

Levittown – Call for Special Congregational Meeting

A Special Congregational Meeting of the First Presbyterian Church of Levittown is called for Sunday, October 22, 2017 in the Sanctuary of the Presbyterian Community Church of Massapequa following the 10 AM Worship Service .
The purpose of this meeting is to:
a) approve the merger of the two congregations, if the way be clear,
b) approve a name for the new congregation,
c) approve the mission statement and the branding statement,
d) approve two at large members of the Nominating Committee of the new congregation,
e) authorize the drafting of bylaws for the new congregation.
Called by order of the Session: Rev. Louis Knowles, Moderator, Maria Studer, Clerk of Session.

I. Choice of Name

The choices for the name of the new congregation as approved by the Joint Sessions are:

Faith Presbyterian Church
New Hope Community Presbyterian Church
United Presbyterian Church

II. The Mission Statement is:
As an open and welcoming Community of Christian Faith, by using Christ as our example, we accept and honor that responsibility as we partner with all faiths in bringing hope and love to our world.
As Christ’s disciples, we are committed to reaching out to one another, showing God’s love through service to our community, and seeking new and relevant ways to involve ourselves in meeting the needs of others.
Through continual prayer, worship and study of scripture, we are an ever transforming church.
III. The branding statement is:

Our Transforming Church:
Join us and develop a personal relationship with Christ through study, worship, and service.



Supper at Six – Sunday, October 15 – 6pm

Church Supper

Supper at Six, Sunday, October 15th. Dinner is from 6-9pm Families, Singles and Friends are all invited to join the Massapequa and Levittown congregations for Sunday Supper at Six. We will meet in the Massapequa Fellowship Hall.

Each person or couple is asked to bring a potluck dish. we will again conduct our wild and crazy gift swap. Please bring a wrapped gift that is valued at no more than $10. The gift can be purchased or be a re-gift.  We will again conduct our wild and crazy gift swap.
Joe and Joan Tischner and Ralph and Ruth Dettman will provide the setup, beverages and desserts for this dinner.

Please RSVP to Joan and Joe Tischner.