Call for Congregational Meeting, October 22, 2017

Levittown – Call for Special Congregational Meeting

A Special Congregational Meeting of the First Presbyterian Church of Levittown is called for Sunday, October 22, 2017 in the Sanctuary of the Presbyterian Community Church of Massapequa following the 10 AM Worship Service .
The purpose of this meeting is to:
a) approve the merger of the two congregations, if the way be clear,
b) approve a name for the new congregation,
c) approve the mission statement and the branding statement,
d) approve two at large members of the Nominating Committee of the new congregation,
e) authorize the drafting of bylaws for the new congregation.
Called by order of the Session: Rev. Louis Knowles, Moderator, Maria Studer, Clerk of Session.

I. Choice of Name

The choices for the name of the new congregation as approved by the Joint Sessions are:

Faith Presbyterian Church
New Hope Community Presbyterian Church
United Presbyterian Church

II. The Mission Statement is:
As an open and welcoming Community of Christian Faith, by using Christ as our example, we accept and honor that responsibility as we partner with all faiths in bringing hope and love to our world.
As Christ’s disciples, we are committed to reaching out to one another, showing God’s love through service to our community, and seeking new and relevant ways to involve ourselves in meeting the needs of others.
Through continual prayer, worship and study of scripture, we are an ever transforming church.
III. The branding statement is:

Our Transforming Church:
Join us and develop a personal relationship with Christ through study, worship, and service.