Elaine Clifford Memorial Giving Tree – Sunday, December 1st.

It’s that time of the year again.

On Sunday, December 1st. the Elaine Clifford Memorial Giving Tree will be decorated in the Massapequa sanctuary with your gifts for the needy. 

The items that are especially needed are:

Men’s thermal underwear (tops and bottoms, size large, no XL), gift cards from Target, Walmart, or Costco. (Gift cards are used to purchase work shoes.) We also need gloves, especially men’s, hats, scarves, men’s sweatshirts (M&L,) and socks. For the children, we need new toys, board games, dolls, basket balls, and Soccer balls. Thank you for thinking of others during the Christmas Season. Our advocate for the homeless, Jillian will distribute your gifts to the needy.

Thank you, the Mission Committee