Worship & Gathering via Zoom

Our next zoom gatherings will be:

Sunday, 10am: Worship 7pm: Prayer Meeting

Monday, 12noon: Check-in and fellowship
Tuesday, 7pm: Bible study on Ezra & Nehemia

Wednesday, 12noon: Brainstorming, visioning, how to be virtual church

Thursday 7pm: Trivia game night & fellowship

Friday, 12noon: Check-in and fellowship

Lenten Bible Study

Starting Thursday, March 5th. We will meet every Thursday evening through April 2nd for a Lenten Bible Study. Join us at 6:00 pm at the Massapequa Campus in the boardroom.

We will have a Soup and Salad Supper & Lenten Studies.  Prayer, meditation, art , music are ways of centering ourselves and honoring God.  Hope to see you there!

Pastor Katie

Join Pastor Katie at “What is not mine to do?”

As led by Singer, songwriter, activist and author DAVID LAMOTTE

Saturday, February 29, 2020

Workshop – 9:30-12pm at the Presbyterian Church of Sweet Hollow (Melville)

Gathering and fellowship at 9am.

Concert – 7:30pm at Community Presbyterian Church (Deer Park)

Children are welcome (childcare for the workshop and the concert will be family friendly)

David Lamotte is a wonderful singer and storyteller. The Presbytery is hosting this, and it will be great!

Visit for more information about David Lamotte