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Blessing of the Animals – June 5 – Massapequa Campus – 10 am in the Fellowship Hall & 11am in the Parking Lot

Saturday, June 5, we will have a Blessing of the Animals
 at the Massapequa Campus. Join us at 10am in the Fellowship Hall or starting at 11am in the parking lot for a drive-thru blessing! Dogs on leashes are welcome. Cats in carriers are welcome. Other animals contained appropriately are welcome. Houseplants are welcome. Stuffed animals are welcome. Toys for your pets who prefer to stay home, are welcome. Please use your best judgment regarding both Covid and whether your pet should come inside.

Pastor’s Post – October 2016

From the Pastor

I am looking forward to the round of church and community activities that come with the autumn season followed closely by Advent.  This will be my family’s second year here on Long Island, and we eagerly anticipate the pleasures of these months with their holidays and “holy days” and the chilly but beautiful weather that is already arriving.  The sky hereabouts is something to behold with breathtaking sunsets and beautiful cloud formations on many a day.

On Sunday, October 9 at Massapequa we will revive the tradition of “blessing the animals” and honoring Francis of Assisi who taught Christians to love all of God’s creation and to leave a light footprint as we move through the world.  The blessing will take place during the Gathering in the Fellowship Hall, starting around 11:30.  You can bring your pet for the entire morning if it is willing to sit still during the 10 a.m. service or you can run home between the service and the Gathering and bring your animals back for the blessing.

Other fall events are announced elsewhere in the newsletter, and I commend all of them to you.


-Pastor Lou